About Reach Montessori International

At Reach Montessori International, our aim is to provide the child a favourable and stimulating environment, and Montessori trained teachers that support the child as an active learner, facilitate the child’s emotional, intellectual and social development and ultimately help the child reach his/ her innate potential.

Reach Montessori is a small private school founded in 2011 by Shabnum Butt, situated in the heart of Islamabad in G-11. We offer Montessori education to children between the ages of 2-6 years. It is the first International Montessori school of its kind with a highly experienced and qualified team trained from Montessori Centre International in the United Kingdom.

We adhere to the Montessori method of teaching, one that is highly recommended throughout the world, which places emphasis on educating the child through guidance rather than control. We are there not to instruct but to provide children with the opportunities to learn in a pleasant environment with carefully designed materials that meet the child's natural and individual needs. Free from tests, benchmarks and competitive pressure, children at Reach Montessori International tend to excel, driven by their own thirst for knowledge.

We consider the parents of our children to be their first educator, and our partners in shaping their future. Together, we can work together to nurture your child at home and at school.

Reach Montessori International continues to look for ways to make improvements to the service we provide to you.


Staff - Rubina Butt
Rubina Butt
- Deputy Head, Co. ordinator
Qualified Montessori Directress (Int'l Diploma, LMC) UK.
Montessori School Association (Individual Member)

Rubina Butt became interested in child psychology while pursuing her University education at the University of Punjab. Her interest drove her to reading many books related to child psychology and was most influenced by Maria Montessori’s theory on child development and decided to receive formal education and training in the Montessori method.

In 2000 she received her International Diploma for Early Childhood Teaching from London Montessori Centre. During her teaching practice in the Montessori classroom her most inspiring observation was how a child learns a lot when he/she is given the freedom of movement to explore without interruption in a prepared environment. Her aim is to give the children a Montessori prepared environment that stimulates the child to follow the path of learning. As Maria Montessori said “For the child is the construction of a man and so of society”.

Staff image
Shabnum Butt
- Principal, Academic Advisor & Teacher trainer manager
Qualified Montessori Trainer (MCI) UK
Montessori Directress (Int'l Diploma, LMC) UK
Montessori School Association (individual member)

Shabnum Butt completed her early childhood course with international diploma from London Montessori Centre in 1998. Her passion for Montessori approach to early education took her from Kuwait to London, where she attended different workshops and seminars and took courses under the supervision of the Academic Adviser, Barbara Isaacs in Montessori Centre International (UK). Through this she deepened her knowledge of Montessori Philosophy and experienced the true world of Montessori in practice. Deciding not to restrict herself to being a Montessori teacher, she pursued Montessori training to become teacher trainer. In 2011 she attained the qualification of a Montessori teacher trainer.

In her teaching practice, whilst spreading the method of Montessori approach to early education in other parts of the world, Shabnum Butt had a desire to serve the children of her own country, and decided to open this door to the true world of Montessori by launching Reach Montessori International. Her aim is to provide each and every child the best possible foundation to all their future learning. She believes that Maria Montessori’s message is very clear, "Children are universal, they have huge potential and it is up to us as educators to facilitate the opportunities to unlock their abilities. Using the correct material will allow a child to fulfil his/her potential by creating resources around the child rather than expecting the child to shoe- horn into existing resources.”

Parvez Butt
- Managing Director

Parvez Butt is the managing director of the school.